Spring Summer Collection 2018 – Men

The sociocultural inspirations and trends

For the formal wear and tailoring collections, a step forward has been initiated in pursuit of high quality, materials and style. High twisted yarns stand out, throughout the whole collection, thanks to their lightness and performance. Presented in a rich variety of grains and compositions, these fabrics are ideal for the suit selection, along with wool/linen compositions, mohair (also available in pure mohair), cotton/ramie composition, these fabrics accentuate the spirit of summer. Nylon is blended with wool, while hybrids and casuals meet the demands of high-performance fabrics. Authentic textures for the jacket collection achieved by an analytical search for the perfect blends including the comeback of the seersuker. Lastly, stretch fabrics can be seen more frequently in a contemporary man’s wardrobe.


The need to create

Informal attire grows in popularity thanks to an upgrade in quality, but also to the less rigid designs in tailoring, inevitably bringing it closer to casual wear. The colours are intense and three-dimensional, ranging from classic shades, black and white to hues of red, bright blues and for jackets, a mix of vibrant tones weaved together. The effect is three-dimensional, bright and vivid, but also includes lighter shades. The Leno and Jacquard fabrics highlight the extensive know-how of our company, a leader in the interpretation of these refined compositions for men and genderless garments. The function of the jacket and blazer becomes more creative in a world that ranges from tailored jackets to informal street wear jackets.


Technical: the Edge between Casual and Sartorial 

A technical and active vibe in the creation of fabrics that become an integral part of an urban clothing collection, creating an alternative tendency in the way people dress, following formal and informal wear. Fabrics that meet the demands of a modern life, appropriate for every occasion, without being too exuberant. Parallel to our tailoring collection, enriched with stain-proof and waterproof fabrics, available also in different blazers variations in numerous weights and compositions.

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