The mission and philosophy of Lanificio F.lli Cerruti is to create and innovate continuously, as modern alchemists extolling the sublime beauty of the noblest raw materials.

Combining ancient knowledge and modern technology to produce high-end fabrics, where the research marry the tradition in a perfect mix. Creativity is the basis for all qualitative development, to shape the style and to create trendy fabrics, full of personality and charm.

Starting from an idea, a feeling, until you get to a concrete product, contemporary, top quality, all this is the ultimate goal of the company, based on six pillars: the Nature, as inspiration, the Alchemy, as a passion for the combination and shades of raw materials, the Exigence, as a constant attention to detail, innovation, a continual research and creativity, the Allure, like concreteness, work, study, pleasure, harmony and naturalness, in one concept “a world to live, projected between history and future”, the Quality, as an essential condition on which every element of the woolen mill product rests.


From inspiration to realization, from design to the finished product, a complete production process where high technology, top quality and respect for the environment are perfectly balanced.

Everything is planned with the aim of creating men’s and ladies’collections with over 4,500 qualities each season.

  1. Raw materials
  2. Combing
  3. Spinning
  4. Warping
  5. Weaving
  6. Finishing
  7. Dyeing
  8. Quality

Raw materials

The Lanificio Cerruti invests a large part of its resources in the search of raw materials which comply with the quality standards of excellence. The best Australian wool and the best Mongolian cashmere are stored in a protected area at constant temperature and humidity in order to exalt their qualities and support their processing.


Combing operates on the fibre staple to obtain a homogeneous and soft wool/cashmere sliver. In order to achieve a perfect result from this processing phase, a control system has been developed whose aim is to monitor all the possible variables of this complex operation, without leaving anything to chance and applying a consolidated professionalism to every millimeter of product.


Spinning operates on the combed sliver in such a way that the fibres undergo a twisting able to ensure the necessary yarn resistance for the following operations. Thanks to its professional competence and skill, Cerruti succeeds in obtaining combed yarns which are extremely fine, uniform and performant. The quality is constantly monitored by an in-house laboratory.


During this phase the longitudinal part of the fabric, where the number of threads varies between 3,000 and 11.000, is prepared for weaving. This operation, consisting of different phases, is very complex in that any single error may lead to defects on the fabric, while impeccable work allows to obtain materials of incomparable quality, able to adapt perfectly to any stylistic need.


Weaving is the phase where all the preceding steps give birth to the final product. Warp threads and weft threads are worked together to create the fabric. Designers and technicians monitor, one after the other, the jacquard patterns, the colours, the work progress, the creation of Cerruti fabrics, combining the technical skills also a high sensitivity of taste and style, from the first moment.


The raw fabric, with its rough hand, hides a secret beauty that finishing will be able to reveal. Different courses, specifically studied, in which water, steam, pressure and heat interact to give light and softness. During this process phase the company maintains the exclusive ability to achieve perfection, to meet customer’s desires, to put visual and tactile sensations in concrete form. In Cerruti fabrics the fibre re-discovers its own nature.


Dyeing is the moment in which fibre meets colour. The Lanificio Cerruti is able to dye flock, combed sliver, yarn, raw fabric in accordance with the customer requirements or with the effect to be achieved. Over the time it has specialised in the use of the colour at mélange level and in a skilful reproduction of any kind of colour, and it is characterised by a restless innovation that leads to the realization of over 8,000 new colours every year, on the basis of an acquired capital of unattainable notions and skills.


The highest quality is the essential condition upon which the creativity and the style of the fabric Cerruti lay.

In addition to meeting all technical specifications that make it a suitable object for use, this product is able to give a concrete response to customer demand, ensuring maximum satisfaction of their desires and expectations.

The best raw materials: only merinos wool, only Mongolian cashmere for tailoring fabrics, cotton, linen, hemp for new sports and casual fabrics.