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Designer and textile entrepreneur from Biella, he represented the high-quality elegance and style for decades in the international jet set, from Hollywood to Formula 1.

La storia del lanificio cerruti


The company has its roots in the eighteenth century Biella. Since then, its growth in modernization, technicality, research and quality has never stopped.

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For over a century, most of the production has been destined for the foreign market. From Biella to Tokyo and Hong Kong, representing Italian Spirit that conquered America and Asia.

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In the Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, there are true alchemists of beauty, who love passionately to manipulate the noblest raw materials by combining ancient wisdom and modern technology, in search of the perfect mix of innovation and tradition. Inspiration, fabrics and high-end styles that can not be imitated: only dreamed and worn.

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An entrepreneurial adventure began in the late eighteenth century
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The Lanificio Cerruti represent an adventure in Biella, began in 1881 but that has its origins in 1770 and that has gone through 250 years of innovation, merging itself, since 1951, with the history of the world’s Fashion, thanks to the inventiveness and creativity of the designer Nino Cerruti.

Drapes of high quality, Italian raw materials that transcend fashion and luxury, entering the dimension of pure beauty.

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