Caravelle is a new line of fabrics which the F.lli Cerruti 1881 wool mill would like to propose to those who love haute couture with a touch of modern comfort. Fabrics created from the best wools bought at auction in Victoria, Australia. A unique raw material which, in its delightful Batavia weave, confers natural stretch and fluid drape. The versatile weight of 260 g makes suits in Caravelle ideal for a variety of seasons while the wearer still feels comfortable. In the palette available, classic colours such as blue and grey are complemented by full-bodied browns, burgundy and the iconic black and white, interpreted in classic designs such as bird’s eye, overchecks, chalk stripes and Prince of Wales. Traditional haute couture fabrics by the F.lli Cerruti 1881 wool mill interpreted using new technologies and with particular attention paid to comfort and wearability. The name Caravelle was not chosen by chance. In 1948, Silvio Cerruti, who was a member of the second generation of the family, introduced the image of a caravel into the wool mill’s logo, the wooden ship which from the 15th century on was a symbol of voyaging and exploring. A message to underline the DNA and the mission of the F.lli Cerruti wool mill: bringing beauty to the world.