Lanificio F.lli Cerruti was the first Italian firm to produce mohair in the postwar period, when Nino Cerruti himself visited England to learn how to work with this finest of fibres, until then only used by the English.

This was the beginning of the story of Kinair, which is now being dusted off in a demonstration of how the fabric once again becomes practicable and innovative in today’s garments. In particular, blending with mohair makes the fabric crease-resistant and enhances it with its distinctive vibrancy and sheen.

The ideal reply to the pace of contemporary life. The high twisted yarns of this fabric convey a natural resistance to creasing. This performance guarantees perfect wearability at any moment of the day. Originating from men’s real needs to satisfy desires and cater for prospects Kinair, from iTravel’s Fabric Family is the ideal travel companion serving curiosity and joie de vivre.