Nobility 150’s AAAAA

It is the family that has allowed to cross the limit and produce emotions less and less common and more and more dense, to enrich the extraordinary everyday life and dreams, excitement and sophistication.

The letter A, according to the ancient fiber qualification method, refers to the length, the brightness and color of the fiber. The sheeps of the region of Queensland in Australia that produce the wool category AAAAA* wear throughout their life a cloak to protect their valuable fleece from the aggression of sun and rain. This system is an index associated with a quality of wool that denotes the fineness of the fiber and gives strength and beauty to a tissue, and as the index is high as the fiber is fine.

The combination of high technicality and craft experience constitutes the glue of this system, built around important values . The search for sweet and luxurious sensations between reality and pleasure, the consistent application of subjectivity, the genuine desire of differentiation are the needs to which the Luxury product responds.