MOVE: the 2023 Spring/Summer Collection from Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

MOVE: the 2023 Spring/Summer Collection from Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

Evolution and change are the keywords of the new collection


Lanificio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881 presents the new Spring/Summer 2023 collection at the 34th edition of Milano Unica, in the name of evolution and the constant movement of ideas and opinions as a challenge which the times we live in require us to face, shaping our abilities in different, dynamic and more flexible contexts.

“MOVE” is the keyword of a collection which changes and evolves as a liquid changes shape according to the container it is poured into; a way of transforming our daily lives and of sending a social message of resilience, of the capacity to adapt to change. And the will to change.


The Spring/Summer 2023 fabrics

“MOVE” represents Lanificio Cerruti’s response to our times, its challenges and changes, to the evolution of the fashion industry and society.

Fabrics of the new collection interpret and narrate movement and its compositions, in the creation of a rhythm of harmonies and contrasts, of vibration and stasis which are woven into a truly dynamic collection designed to satisfy every moment of our daily lives. The three lines within the collection – Main, ITravel, Flow – have a leitmotif connecting them – that of stretch – softer in Main and ITravel, more denoted and decided in Flow. 



Main incarnates the world of more formal elegance and takes its inspiration from classic fabrics reinterpreted in a new way, with designs and fancies that play down the classic aspect and emphasise the more fun and playful side of luxury. It responds to the demands of those who, with the new idea of change, wish to leave classic tradition behind them and have something more unique and exclusive. A “new classic” that is not common, with natural materials in summer blends such as linens and cottons with vertical motifs and interrupted chalk stripes influencing each other and leading to unexpected results.

Fabrics in summery colours, with uneven backgrounds and jacquard designs as a consequence of the irregularity of the yarns which add up to those of the weaves, always creating interesting looks. A jacket with the natural stretch of the fibres provides comfort and practicality not to mention the pleasure of the coolness required for the season. Such as in seersucker, created on jacquard looms in models moving from the more traditional to the more contemporary. 



ITravel, icon of the wool mill, is the range of highly performant fabrics able to resist in different situations, in any place or latitude or longitude. Jackets with textured backgrounds create diagonal “knitted” effects thus creating a versatile proposal designed as always to accompany the modern man in the summer season. Treatments for stain and water resistance enhance these fabrics and improve their performance. 





Flow, the line where the ideas and creativity of the wool mill are gestated, signals a revolution in textiles; a sophisticated fluidity is interwoven with a more visionary, contemporary spirit to define new horizons of elegance. The summer fabrics are interpreted in a fluid – gender free – way to guarantee maximum versatility in terms of style combined with increased elasticity as a result of the combination of three-dimensional yarns coupled with non-stretch yarns. 

The fabrics are created using a shuttle process, more sustainable than jersey, where the yarns can be reused to avoid waste. The designs on double weave are made three-dimensional by the effect of the reverse side: the two weaves exchange in nuances and overlaps.

The fancies are wide-ranged and the emblematic design for the collection is gingham, interpreted in flat and three-dimensional versions. Also the bayadere with its fresh stripes is visible in the seersuckers. These fabrics, with their unique graphics, explode in colours reaching from yellows, to pinks and sky blues, like a painter’s palette. The jersey plays with jacquard weaves with three-dimensional effects, distinguished by its selection of colours using multi-coloured tones and seersuckers in sandy hues, whites and all the variety of browns.


MOVE on, it’s time to embrace the change.