The Summer/ Spring 2022 collection by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

The Summer/ Spring 2022 collection by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

The new collection, an imaginary journey into five different worlds

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881 presents its new collection, a range of fabrics dedicated to the Spring/Summer 2022 season, that looks towards a new way of interpreting men’s and women’s clothing. A look at the contemporary with a view to possible futures and at the influences on how we dress, while treating it with the usual nonchalance which characterises the Cerruti universe.


The fabrics in the collection thus become the steps on an imaginary journey through five possible worlds by means of which the wool mill narrates five different lifestyles and interpretations of our approach to fashion. Five different concepts come to life using texts and images to guide you through the Spring/Summer collection where the key words will be: Stillness, Voyage, Debonair, Jump and Daring. Styles which, as a result of a cross-contamination between art, painting and costume, reflect a world whose borders have become increasingly fluid.





Uncontaminated spaces, a nature which welcomes and surrounds us, the burnt colour of a cornfield, the nuances of woods and the shades of leaves and flowers. A universe which encompasses fabrics with knopped, slubbed, uneven and three-dimensional looks.















A world characterised by fresh, comfortable fabrics which take their inspiration from the lightness of wind, from desert sand and salty sea breeze. Merino wool blended with natural fibres such as linen or silk, using the colours of the earth and the sky to melt with nature where they rediscover the origins of their beauty.

















Giving the go-ahead for bright colours, new combinations, fabrics which steal the show. It is the pattern, the lightness of madras and multicolour vertical designs in fabrics with an irregular look. The carefree and lively interpretation of a traditional garment.















Daily life travelling at ever greater speed. Frenetic rhythms to which humans respond by dressing in clothes combining style and performance. Fabrics for contemporary suits, created using resilient wools. Impeccable for every occasion.
















And every revolution has its own uniform: bold jacquards, bold stripes, jerseys which create combinations of unusual colours and audacious weaves. A taste for the ethnic, courageous and simultaneously sophisticated, merging with a contemporary, visionary spirit to give life to a world with increasingly fluid borders.











A new ecosystem, between physical and digital

Starting with this season, Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881 is presenting a new ecosystem where digital and physical are in a contemporary dialogue. For the production offices of our customers, it will still be possible to consult the physical collection, but there will also be the opportunity of getting to know the fabrics in a new way: by means of an evocative digital experience to help you connect with the Cerruti products. And the digital Cerruti experience will be divided into different environments:

  • a digital showroom with the complete collection
  • a dynamic microsite where a selection of the fabrics will be narrated using an expressive tone of voice never heard before, using language appropriate to the world of fashion
  • moreover, the collection can be visited on the E-Connect platform of Milano Unica, the traditional fair of the sector.


The three souls of Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881

The Spring/Summer 2022 season is subdivided into three ranges representing the three lines along which contemporary clothing moves:

  • the reinterpretation of tailoring in the Main range;
  • the performance fabrics created for travelling in the ITravel range
  • Flow, the most creative and gender-fluid range where new jerseys in noble fibres come together with exciting jacquards dedicated to a more innovative type of fashion.


In the words of CEO Filippo Vadda

“We need to put behind us a period which has been strongly affected by the pandemic and to look to the future with renewed confidence. For this season we therefore propose a courageous and creative collection which can act as a stimulus and support for our customers when creating increasingly interesting finished garments.”