Superissimo #0004

Nureyev : All the world’s stage


“For me, purity of movement wasn’t enough. I needed expression,
more intensity, more mind.”

Rudolf Nureyev

Gracefully dancing away, rising in mid-air with wings at his feet, Rudolf Nureyev, the flying tartar, born on the 17th March 1938 on a train which ran along the region of the Baikal lake on the border of Mongolia, hungry for life and culture, the brightest star who has broadened the boundaries of dance and has forever revolutionized the male role in ballet. Just like a ray of light, he has been present in the most famous theatres, thrilling audiences around the world with his extraordinary calm. In between dance performances, he was also a protagonist within the fashion scene, he always loved to be elegantly dressed, therefore he selected his clothes at the Cerruti store when in Paris, keeping up the same energy into life as in dance and movement.

Photo Credits : A Waren

Photo from “Le journal du Dimanche 1969”, Nureyev inside Cerruti 1881 Paris shop