Il Sig. Nino Cerruti: Tessuti, Moda e Cinema

Il Sig. Nino Cerruti Tessuti, Moda e Cinema

TOKYO  |  Isetan Shinjuku  |  27 SEPTEMBER – 04 OCTOBER 2016

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti and Isetan together for an exhibition celebrating the renowned wool mill founded in 1881, the film industry and the experience in creating 100% Made-in-Italy products. The exhibition will remain open to the public from 27th September to 4th October 2016 will be extended on three floors:

Ground floor: Various Italian fashion designers, such as Lardini, Tagliatore, Belvest and LBM191, have created exclusive piece inspired by the Lanificio’s historical archive, fabric that were created for Hollywood films and revisited for this event. Films that have become part of out collective imagination: Borsalino, Pretty Woman, Wall Street.

Fifth floor: A ‘made-to-measure’ section where Japanese brands will use Lanificio Cerruti’s fabric to create bespoke suits.

Eight floor: An exhibition illustrating Lanificio Cerruti’s magnificent archives, an incredible legacy that accentuates the research work and the craftsmanship that has always defined Lanificio F.lli Cerruti.

Famous designers such as Luigi Lardini, Paul Smith, Giovanni Bianchi – LBM1911, Pino Lerario – Tagliatore, have all contribitued to this event in collaboration with Lanificio F.lli Cerruti and Isetan, by creating bespoke garments.

The union between the Cinema world and Lanificio F.lli Cerruti began in the late ’60s when Nino Cerruti began creating garments for Hollywood stars. His name appears in the credits of more than one hundred films. The indistinguishable garments created for Kathleen Turner in ‘The Jewel of the Nile’ or the androgynous look created for Clint Eastwood and Renee Russo in ‘In the Line of Fire’. The unforgettable Richard Gere in ‘Pretty Woman’ or Michael Douglas’s yuppie look in ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Basic Instinct’. Christian Bale’s famous line in ‘American Psycho’, who told-off the dry cleaners who wanted to use bleach on the Cerruti suit. Nino Cerruti, thanks to the skills and passion that define him, was capable of understanding well the roles for which he needed to create the outfits.

“I like actors: they are never conventional characters. Often fragile, but passionate and impassioning”. Nino Cerruti

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