collection txtl001|PRIME LINE

PRIME Line, first and somehow primitive in its concept, is the most original interpretation of HAPTER’s special fusion of surgical steel to high-end cotton fabrics manufactured in Cerruti Woolen Mills 1881 historical factory.

Though continuously evolving into new design interpretations, Prime Line remains strongly faithful to the essence of HAPTER design: essential and radical, yet very discreet in its expression, and dedicated to understated and discerning individuals with a sophisticated presence.

Optical A05M (news)

The new optical model A05M pioneers a super-light nylor construction, creating a distinct contrast between the solid bar enriched with soft prestigious fabric, and the minimal bottom contour of extremely thin wire, naked and completely disappearing within the lens groove.1

Apeculiar retro-collegiate look, reinterpreted with HAPTER’s trademark materials and design, made possibile by the new level of mastery gained by the artisans working in the company.


Sunglasses G01S + G02M (news)

The new sunglasses G01S and G02M are unique interpretations of the aviator shape, translated by HAPTER’s trademark design and materials.

Featuring a new alluring double-bridge with a sober vintage look, they are captivating proof of the mastery gained by HAPTER artisans and the precision work applied to minimal surfaces.


Although this pair of sunglasses share a common inspirational nature, they express quite a different character, with G02M featuring bolder and rounder look, and G01S showcasing smaller squared proportions and angular shapes.


Equipped with ultra-resistant Carl ZEISS nylor lenses with 5 layers of anti-reflection, these special eyepieces feature custom-made 100% cotton fabrics manufactured in the historical factory of Cerruti Woolen Mills 1881, inspired by their military archives of the 1920s and 1940s destined for the world of army uniforms.

collection txtl001|ICONS LINE

ICONS Line represents the stylistic avant-garde of HAPTER, and it features a new interpretation, in HAPTER’s signature style, of iconic styles enriched by cultural significance which creates a strong evocative power.

A constant and fascinating challenge for Hapter manufacturing, ICONS’ vision translates into cutting-edge and audacious design solutions, dedicated to demanding mountiaineers scattered about every metropolitan area.

Precursor models M01M + M02M

Precursor models M01M and M02M, , contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic sunglasses worn by sir Edmund Hillary for his famous challenge on Mount Everest in 1952, introduce a unique stylistic trademark into Hapter’s structural syntax: the wide and dominant bridge in contrasting fabric, creating a distinctive retro mountain look, while protecting the delicate forefront in harsh weather conditions.

Only Hapter project’s expert artisans can master this level of precision, thanks to a steep learning curve pursued with dedication for two years.

Equipped in its sunglass version with an exclusive almost-flat Carl ZEISS sunlens with Bronze HiPro 5-layer mirroring & Gold-ET anti-reflection, these “round-round” models stands out to demand attention.


Sunglasses M03M+M04S (news)

The trademark wide and dominant bridge in contrasting fabric, able to create a distinctive retro mountain look, has evolved into 2 new interpretations:

  • Model M03M features balanced proportions and smooth curves, yet able to fully express the mountain character required by its name;


  • Model M04S, with essential dimensions and a pear-shaped design, is edgy, radical and audacious. This model will be available in the new Alpine Purple fabric.


The Alpine Purple colour, custom-developed at the Cerruti factory exclusively for HAPTER, is driven by the Purple Circle symbol of Hapter’s UNGENDERED design approach.


Both M03M and M04S are equipped with almost-flat Carl ZEISS sunlens with Silver HiPro 5-layer mirroring & anti-reflection, a scratch-resistant lens offering maximum protection also in extreme atmospheric conditions (whether the environment is mountain or metropolitan).

Like all txtl001 models, M03M and M04S feature custom-made 100% cotton fabrics manufactured in the historical factory of Cerruti Woolen Mills 1881, inspired by their military archives of the 1920s and 1940s destined for the world of army uniforms.


9Inspired by a pair of glacier military goggles from the Second World War that were found on a summit within the Italian Dolomite mountains in 2009, HAPTER was founded in the small mountain town of Belluno by locals Eric Balzan and Mirko Forti in January 2013.

The name HAPTER was chosen by the concept of “haptic perception”, which is the process of recognizing objects through touch, as a contribution to return to seeing the world around us without the mono-direction of visual conditioning.

With „hands” you still survive in the mountains, wheather you have to climb out of a mountain or cut fire-wood for the winter.


Several award-winning design solutions are condensed into this single-piece frame, featuring a trademark tactile expressiveness obtained by a special fusion of contrasting materials (stainless steel and hi-end fabrics in the txtl001 collection), no hinges or solderings, yet totally shapable on the face and extremely comfortable thanks to a feather-weight of just 12 grams.


Thanks to a special mix of advanced design, fibres and materials, HAPTER has already been the recipient of some of the most prestigious international design awards and has been selected to be featured by some of most exquisite and selective fashion and optical shops around the globe.


These special eyepieces feature exclusive custom-made 100% cotton fabrics manufactured in the historical factory of Cerruti Woolen Mills 1881 (Lanificio F.lli Cerruti), inspired by their military archives of the 1920s and 1940s destined for the world of army uniforms.

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